Friday, August 22, 2008

I had my dear friend, Marca, (pronounced Marsa), visit me a couple of weeks ago. She and I met when we were in kindergarten. Marca tells me that I used to tie her shoes for her. Even though I don't remember that, it is nice someone else does. We have been friends all of our lives. It is wonderful having a friend that has known you through all of the ups and downs in your lifetime. She plays a major role in my life of being able to ground myself again, when I am feeling off balance. She now lives in Colorado, but we manage to keep in touch and to see each other every year.

I took Marca to all of the fun places where I love to find interesting artifacts and found objects. My most favorite place is called Sunset Junque, located in Fennville, Mi. It is a place like no other. They have the most interesting pieces of sculpture, old buggies, beautiful old doors, mannequins from nativity scenes, confessional booths, etc, etc. We had so much fun photographing that we were there for 2 hours! I am including some of the photos from our excursion.

Friday, June 13, 2008

Moon Shadow, the art muse

Moon Shadow, a 6 year old schipperke, is my art muse and friend. She has taught me many things since we got her as a puppy. I believe she was brought into my life to teach me about health and healing. When she was 3 years old, she paralyzed her front left leg. She did this as we were taking her to the park in our little convertible. She got so excited that she jumped out of the car. Sadly, she did not regain feeling in that leg. This began our journey to natural health and homeopathy. I started to take her to a homeopathic vet and learned a great deal about how the body can heal itself in time, if given the proper food and nutrition. I started to make her own food, stopped giving her vaccinations, and instead took other precautions such as, a rabies tither which can check the level of protection she has in her body. This caused me to start seeing a naturopath to start my own healing. I learned through many different tests and iridology what was going on inside my body. This helped explain my exhaustion and fatigue. Now after 2 years, I have much more energy and eat a lot more healthier. Moon Shadow has been inspiration to both me and my husband. She acts as if there is nothing wrong, and she still can tear around the house.

In the next few months, this blog will highlight the different walks and excursions I go on with Moon Shadow. Sometimes we even go dumpster diving for scrap metal and found objects. Now you can see where my creativity comes from.