Sunday, December 1, 2013

My Summer Project - Cement Sculpture

This is the concrete sculpture that I started on in the Spring of 2013 and continued to work on all summer long.  I still have more mosaicing to do next year, but for now she is covered and hibernating for the winter.  For this blog, I will post photos of the various stages of creating her.  In the upcoming blog, I will explain more about why I wanted to create the Goddess, Artemis as a cement sculpture in our back yard. 

The armature is made out of rebar.  I sculpted the face first out of clay, before adding cement on top.

Artemis with the first layer of cement.  I dipped pieces of window screening into cement.

The dark cement is concrete mixed with polymer, to make it more durable.  The white cement in the picture above is thinset mortar.

Here I am cutting off pieces of rebar with an electric hacksaw.

I used cut stones and smalti to mosaic her face and the rest of her body.  This is more durable for cold weather climates.